New Launch- ONCE Upon a FARM Mylemoney Single Origin Coffee

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Once upon a Farm Mylemoney Estate Single Origin Coffee

ALTITUDE: 1220 M Above MSL
Tasting Notes: Toasted Nuts, Cinnamon (Expect a bright cup with fair and
delicate mouthfeel, along with hints of toasted nuts & cinnamon.)

contains 100% coffee 0% Chicory 

Panduranga Plantation, nestled in the scenic beauty of Mylemoney, the magnanimous location within the Mullayanagiri mountain range, boasts lush green forests and serves as a habitat for rich wildlife.
It’s history dates back to the early 19th century when the legendary British planter, Thomas Cannon, discovered this ideal location to grow Coffee. Cannon’s vision led to the establishment of one of the finest coffee estates in the region.
By the 1860s, the reputation of Mylemoney’s coffee, branded as Cannon’s Coffee, had spread even to the London market, attesting to its exceptional quality. This was the first place where coffee was cultivated commercially in India. Also Mylemoney is renowned for growing one of the earliest varieties of Arabica coffee, known as the Kent, celebrated for it’s exquisite cupping quality and the magical flavors it imparts.
Panduranga plantations takes pride in being part of this timeless heritage, cherishing its legacy and contributing to the continued excellence of the region’s coffee industry