Coffee Private Label

What is Private Label?

You buy it, make it your own and sell or distribute the product under your own brand. ​Essentially, you are buying the product from someone else, namely us, and taking ownership of that product with your own branding.

​Your Private Label coffee will be delivered directly to your door.

Minimum Requirements for Private Labeling

1. You should be able to commit to ordering in minimum quantities of 30 Kgs
2. You've purchased, received and tasted coffee samples from us and determined which coffee blend(s) you're interested in having our package for you.
3. You've completed and submitted the Private Label Enquiry Form found by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

Note: We get a large number of private label enquiries. To help us narrow the field, please indicate you mean business by ordering coffee samples to help make your private label coffee decision. We'll reimburse you that money for your samples if we end up doing private label business with you.

​Now, You've met the minimum requirements for Private Labeling with us and we'll be contacting you shortly to discuss further.

​Because we get so many private label enquiries, we won't be able to answer your enquiry if you haven’t met all of the requirements noted above.

Who Benefits from Private Labeling

Coffee Shops, Baristas, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés, Bed and Breakfasts, Homestay and anyone who offers or sells bulk roasted coffee within their business establishment. 

Benefits of Private Coffee Label

1.  No fuss, wholesale buying--no manufacturing; we do that part for you
2. You can alter it in any way, any time you choose, because you own the legal rights
3. You're buying quality products already tested on the market, encouraging your success

You provide a superb coffee with your branding to advertise your business

How does Private Label Work?

1. There are two main options for turning Panduranga Coffee into Your Private Label:
          a. Select one of our existing blends
          b. Or, Customize your own coffee - Help us with your requirements and we can help choose the right blend for you.

2. If you choose to design your own labels with your branding and a coffee name, we'll send you the specs you'll need once you've decided on package size.

How do I select a Coffee Blend?


The best way to select one of our coffee blends for Your Private Label Coffee is to order samples from our online store ( Coffee Samples Pack Or Pure Coffee Samples)and brew them up to try. Save your receipts and we'll credit you that when you place your first distributor order. Ordering and tasting samples are one of the minimum requirements before we can proceed to discuss private labeling with you. Why? Because we value your time and ours. We get hundreds of private label enquiries each month. To be serious about the program, you'll need to be sure you like our coffees and have a good idea of what flavor profile you're after.


You should design your own labels you'll need to have them printed and sent to us if you'd like us to apply them. If you prefer, we can refer you to a company that specializes in label printing. You can also choose to have your coffee shipped to you with no label and apply your own.


If you've read through this page, met the minimum quantity requirements listed above for Private Labeling including purchase/receipt/tasting of your samples from us, and narrowed down the flavor profile you're looking for and want to move ahead with Private Label Coffees us, the next step , step is to complete and submit the Private Label Enquiry Form found by clicking the button below. We'll contact you as soon as we've had a chance to review your information, generally within 24-48 hours.



500 grams
250 grams

I need it in a Plain Pouch
I will send the label design
I need help packaging design