WILD Coffee

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Panduranga Coffee now walks the wild side to bring you a unique exciting experience from the bhadra wild life santuary in the Muthodi forest, situated in the midst of western ghats of Chikmagalur. This tiger reserve is home to other mammals, reptiles and over 250 species of birds.  Here wild tigers are allowed to thrive in nearby estates where select Arabica coffee is being cultivated under the natural shade of forest tree canopies.  Such plantations act as a wild life santuary, serving as corridors and refugee points for wild animals.  Ongoing efforts to educate farm workers to tolerate tigers in estates while they stake their lives for this prized crop.  Sharing such space in the wild adds to the nutrient content producing natural bio compost,  enhancing the fertility in our coffee beans.  Tiger movement in the plantation certifies ecologically everything is in perfect order.   Our distinctive aroma and flavour will engulf you with a heightened sensory experience ...watch out!!

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